Assignment 3: YEAH!

Assignment 3: YEAH!

First, make sure you read the spec thoroughly! It’s worth your time to make sure you’ve understood what’s going there as much as possible. Also make sure you read through the .h files as they desrcibe in detail what we’re expecting from each function.

Strings module

Keep an eye out for what your functions should be returning, and how they should behave in the case of an error.

Notes on functions

printf/snprintf/vsnprintf module

Common Pitfalls

Tips for staying productive

If you’re in a pickle…

Debugging advice

In the spec, there are some instructions on how to use our printf implementation to help debug your printf implementation. It involves temporarily renaming your functions (so that there aren’t two functions with the same name). However, you have to be vigilant and make sure you don’t get the two mixed up (e.g. if my_printf calls library vsnprintf, you can mistakenly believe your code is working when it really isn’t being tested).