Guide to automated checker

You can learn more about automated testing, and check on its results before you make a pull request, by logging into CircleCI with your GitHub account. Then go to Add projects and then choose the cs107e GitHub account, then click ‘Watch project’ next to your assignments repo. Then click the newly appeared eye icon to view your repo’s test page on CircleCI, which should show an entry for each time you’ve pushed so far.

Then you can also click the Details link in the test result in your pull request (which you might want to make early – you can always push more commits to it) to see the CircleCI results page from testing your latest solution.

The results page shows the result of testing one particular solution you pushed. You might need to scroll down to ‘tests/’ and dig around to find the output if something like make failed.

You can even download the larson.bin that was generated on the test machine, although hopefully it’s exactly the same as the one you’re building on your computer!