Guide to automated checker

You can learn more about automated testing, and check on its results before you make a pull request, by logging into TravisCI with your GitHub account. Authorize Travis CI for Private Projects, giving it access to your private assignments repositories. On the left hand side, click on cs107e under the Organizations list.

You should now see your assignments repository listed below the filter repositories search input.

Clicking on the repository will show you the results of your latest Travis build. Here you can scan the Job log to understand any failures reported by the automated checker. You can also select the Build History tab to view a list of your past builds.

On the GitHub, you can also click the Details link in the test result in your pull request (which you might want to make early – you can always push more commits to it) to see the TravisCI results page from testing your latest solution.

You can also click the icon next to a commit to see the results of a Travis build. This icon will show a red “x” for a build failure, a yellow circle for a build in progress, and a green checkmark for a successful build.

The build page shows the result of testing one particular commit you pushed. You’ll need to scroll down to the log to the line that says tests/ and dig around to find the output if something like make failed. Here’s an example of not including a background.txt in your assign0 submission.