Lab 9: Project Team Meeting 2


You're coming down to the finish line now! Lab this week will be a working meeting with your team.

  • How has teamwork been so far?
    • planning, dividing up tasks, supporting each other
    • using git in collaboration with team, push/pull/merge
    • communication and coordination across time and space
    • acquire and confirm hardware, adjust/exchange components as necessary
  • How did you do on meeting your week 1 goals? How do you feel about your path from here to completion?
  • What can we do to help you finish strong?
  • For Friday: record video of your creation in action and script your presentation. Your team has 4 minutes total, so please keep it quick and punchy!

Check in with TA

Be sure to check-in with one of the staff to share an update on your progress and confirm you are on track for successful completion.