MinIMU-9 v3 Gyro, Accelerometer, and Compass (L3GD20H and LSM303D Carrier)

A minimum of four connections are necessary to use the MinIMU-9: VIN, GND, SCL, and SDA.

VIN should be connected to a 2.5 V to 5.5 V source GND to 0 volts,

SCL and SDA should be connected to an I²C bus operating at the same logic level as VIN.

(Alternatively, if you are using the board with a 3.3 V system, you can leave VIN disconnected and bypass the built-in regulator by connecting 3.3 V directly to VDD.)

—- Dawson’s notes —-


pin layout: images/lsm-pins.jpg

package: images/package.jpg ~/class/master.2016.spr/staff/libpi/tests/i2c_tests

where do we go? p23 what are CTRL9_XL CTRL_1_XL CTRL_10_C CTRL2_G


what are the units?
what are the rest of these names?

where do we get the scale? [pulled from arduino code from manufacturer’s site.]