Sample code to control a KORG volca keys or volca beats from the Pi. Connect the midi data line to GPIO pin 25 (through a 220Ohm resistor) and the current line to 5V through a 220Ohm resistor.

  1. Makefile: make on its own will make midi-beat (drums on the drum kit) make install will make and install midi-beat

make install midi-lamb will make and install midi-lamb

  1. MIDI-in pins: white wire to 220ohm resistor to 5V on Pi red wire to 220ohm resistor to pin BCM/GPIO 25

  2. For PulseView logic analyzer with DreamSourceLab DSLogic Pro: a. Ground goes to Pi ground b. Signal pin goes to red MIDI (pin 25 on Pi) c. Set voltage range on PulseView to 1.6V for 0/1 d. Set UART as decoder, with 31250 baud rate (8n1) e. In UART, choose "Stack Decoder" and select MIDI

  3. Actual pinout of MIDI connector:

         silver (unshielded), gnd when using logic analyzer
              .-'     '-.
     red    .'     o     '.  white    (signal)/   o       o   \ (5V)
          ;                 ;   yellow  |  o           o  |   black (no conn) ;                 ; (no conn)
           \               /
            '.           .'

Author: Philip Levis Updated for new libraries by Chris Gregg Date: May 14, 2017