Sensors for Projects

The following sensors are available for you to use in your projects in addition to the peripherals you have worked with during this quarter. Let us know if you want to use them!


Unfortunately, the Raspberry Pi only accepts digital input, so any analog input/device/sensor requires conversion. We have ADC chips (analog-to-digital converter) such as the MCP3008 on hand and example SPI driver code for using this chip.

  • Analog joystick

  • Analog Hall Effect sensor (voltage proportional to magnetic field)

  • Temperature sensor


  • TSOP 43838 38 KHz IR detectors

  • IR emission/sensor modules

  • Flame sensor module (760-1100 nm IR detector)

  • RGB LED module

  • RGB LED SMD module

  • 7 color flash LED

  • 2 color LED module

  • Laser emitter module

  • Photoresistor module

  • Photointerruptor module



  • Reed switches

  • Ball switch

  • Rotary encoder module

  • A1104LUA-T Hall Effect sensor (schmitt trigger followed by open collector transistor)

  • Relay switch module

  • Touch sensor module

  • Temperature module

  • Buzzer (active and passive) modules

  • Shock (vibration switch) sensor module

  • Tap (vibration switch) module

  • Obstacle avoidance module

  • 7-segment displays