Sensors for Projects

The following sensors are available for you to use in your projects in addition to the peripherals you have worked with during this quarter. Let us know if you want to use them! You are of course welcome (and encouraged to!) purchase other sensors for your project.


Unfortunately, the Raspberry Pi only accepts digital input, so any analog input/device/sensor requires conversion. We have ADCs (analog-to-digital converters) on hand, uhe MCP3008 as well as example SPI driver code for using this chip.

  • Rotary potentiomers

We have 10 kOhm rotary potentiometers.

  • Sliding potentiometers

We have 10 kOhm sliding potentiometers

  • Analog Hall Effect sensor (voltage proportional to magnetic field)

We have Hall effect sensors. You will need to pair them with an ADC (see above).

  • Temperature sensor




  • MCP3008 Analog-to-Digital convertor