Welcome to the Winter 2019 offering of CS107E!

CS107E is Computer Systems from the Ground Up. Read more about the course here.

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This week’s schedule

Date Topics/Readings
Week 3
Mon 1/21
C Pointers and Arrays ( slides , code )
  • Note: Monday is a university holiday. Julie will cover key content in a makeup lecture so we can keep on schedule. Please come Monday evening 7pm in Gates B12 if you are willing/able (or watch screencast once posted).
  • Before lecture, read EssentialC chapters 3 (skip material on structures) and 6 (skip material on the heap and memory management) or K&R 5.1-5.4. C-strings are primitive compared to Java/C++ strings; take note of the manual effort required to use and pitfalls to avoid.
  • The screencast of Monday’s night session.
Lab/assign Lab 2: Below C Level ( writeup )

Prelab to prep before lab.

Assignment 2: Implement a Clock
Fri 1/25
C Functions ()
  • Read up on C functions (Chapter 4 in K&R, or Section 4 in Essential C).
  • Read Thinking Geek’s explanation of the mechanics of local variables and stack frames.
Week 4
Mon 1/28
Communication and the Serial Protocol
Lab/assign Lab 3: Debugging and Testing Assignment 3: Implement a String Formatting Library
Fri 2/1
Modules, Libraries, and Linking

See schedule for entire quarter.

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